About Arete

Arete is an inspiring, powerful word in two languages.  The Greek word areté is related to personal excellence, effectiveness, fulfillment, and “being the best you can be.”  In French, an arête is a sharp mountain peak.

At AreteConnecT, we partner with you to help you reach your maximum effectiveness in the global marketplace – we help you Elevate your Global Excellence.



We start with the basic belief that each person contributes a valuable set of strengths, skills and abilities to their team and organization.  This is their own personal excellence.

We also believe that each person has the ability to apply this excellence at an elevated level to strengthen their connection with colleagues and business partners and to have greater, more meaningful impact on their organizational excellence.


To produce these results, we follow a process of coaching, training, and consulting to bring:

  • Awareness of your strengths, goals and overall capability for excellence.
  • Confidence to use your expanded skills and abilities to achieve more success and satisfaction.
  • Transformation of this elevated level of excellence into measurable results.