Do you Manage a Multicultural Team Well?

Morbusiness3e and more teams are multicultural these days.  Do you find yourself managing such a team?

Read what experts have to say about successfully managing a diverse team.

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The Rise of Multicultural Managers

paper_peopleForbes has an excellent article that highlights the importance and centrality of today’s multicultural manager.

Multicultural managers can make a huge, positive difference to the success of global innovation projects and processes…Some individuals are multicultural by ethnic background and early childhood experiences. But, can one become multicultural through expatriate assignments as an adult in a multinational company, or just by living and working in multiple countries and cultures? The experience of living in multiple cultures obviously helps, but just “being there” is not enough. One needs to have strong on-going interaction with people belonging to the local culture, and become embedded in the local culture.

This article makes it clear that multicultural skills are extremely important, yet not necessarily obvious or easily acquired.

Arete ConnecT can help you become the type of multicultural manager that does make a positive difference, in a way that is very rewarding and fulfilling.